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Skin Grip Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patches

Patch Premium Continuous Glucose Monitor Protection Waterproof Tape, Our Flexible Adhesive Patches, Skin Grip Adhesive Patches

H&F Rating 282 reviews
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  • What buyers say about Skin Grip Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patches

    Before buying these, all of my previous sensors had fallen off, so I had to practice to get them centered on my own.

    It keeps the sensor in place, prevents accidental rubbing off, and comes off when I need it to.

    I recently got diagnosed with T1D and am looking for something to protect me from harmful particles in the air, and these patches have helped me grab the full length of my sensor, I would recommend them for anyone looking for something to really protect themselves from harmful particles in the air.

    I like the pastels, waterproof, and easy to apply, and they stay on for 14 days even after swimming in the ocean at least 2 days. I have been using another brand of adhesive patches, these are so much easier to apply and they stay on for the full 14 days even after

    The product was clear and clean, but after a few days the outer edges began to lift and there was some water intrusion.

    Common Questions


    Do you remove the center because your video actors have donut style? I'm new to cgm and don't want to damage my sens.


    I was concerned about the center, we don't remove the center, we use the clear ones, he has sensitive skin, so I wanted to be able to see if there was a reaction but no issues at all.


    I work out 4 times a week in a boot camp style class, but tegaderm is not sweat proof. Can someone tell?


    If you are highly active and sweating a lot, we recommend using skin tac in addition to skin grip for an additional layer of adhesive.


    Are they individually packaged?


    They all come in the same bag, but they are really good.


    Does it have a sensor?


    It's just a bandage that goes over your sensor, so they are great help in keeping it in place if you are an active person.


    Is there a chance you will do custom print patches?


    It is great.

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