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DAP Rapidfuse All Purp .85oz

40% Stronger Than Polyurethane, Dap Rapidfuse All Purp.85Oz (Pack Of 2); Factors: Super Glue Sets In 30 Seconds, 2X Stronger Than The Average Super Glue

H&F Rating 75 reviews
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  • Common Questions


    I'm thinking of using this stuff to fill gaps on plastic models.


    The product tip could let out too much product, which is why I don't build anything as complex as it could be.


    Does this package include two containers, the photo only shows one?


    I think you'll get a pack of Rapidfuse All Purp.85oz, that's what the description says.


    Does this work outside, despite the fact that the post caps on my wood posts are blowing off during wind storms?


    I find it to be the best and fastest fusing adhesive I have ever used, and it's 30 seconds to set.


    Does Rapidfuse glue dry in and cause a problem with the dispensers after a few weeks, or does it start to harden in the bottle?


    I used to need to put a bent paper clip to open the nipple, but it has been pretty much clog free, and not hardened in the bottle.


    Does this dry out?


    It does but keep in mind that the edges are not completely visible. The remnants from the joined pieces can be removed if they are not vivid.

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