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Deep Heat Patches x 4†Brand: Mentholatum

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  • What buyers say about Deep Heat Patches x 4†Brand: Mentholatum

    When I get pain, the patches last for the entire day, because they give me heat to transfer into my lower back, and it's super easy to use, peel off the sticker from the packet and stick it onto the area where you want the heat to transfer.

    These patches do work, even on the skin, and they don't get hot, that's why I put them on my pyjama top at night.

    The patches don't get hot, but they are comforting and do reduce pain, even if you put them on the point where the pain is the worst.

    You need to leave them uncovered for about 5 minutes before they start to heat up, as they need air to start to burn, and even though I take opioids and gabapentin, these patches take the edge off the pain when things get bad.

    The item is warm and can be stuck to the seat of the pain.

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