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Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g

Blu Tipp Reusable Adhesive, The Original Reusable Adhesive, Bostic Blu Tipp

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What We Like

  • Perfect for sticky jobs around the home, office, at school, craft works, etc
  • Ideal for non-porous surfaces like glass/metal, painted surfaces and vinyl coated wallpaper
  • The putty helps to stick posters, sealing around windows and doors, cleaning dust and hair from clothing, modeling, etc


  • may leave stains when removed

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We analyzed 12,918 reviews for 56 products in the Adhesive Putty category.

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9.65 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Adhesion
  • Easy to use
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Quality of material
  • Value for money
  • Common Questions


    Does it damage the poster or does it not? I don't care if it damages the wall or not.


    I decided to stick my posters up in my room because I did too much research on what wouldn't harm the posters.


    Is this product able to hold up under the heat?


    I used it to tack my FM antenna with the lead-in cut off and a 300 to 75 ohm balun, and about 3 feet of RG6U coax to the south.


    If one applies the stuff to the walls and later removes it, will the paint be removed?


    I have had it remove paint, but it was flaky and old in the beginning. I have also had it leave a little bit of a grease mark, but it is very faint.


    I want to put a plastic tea light on the underside of a metal lid. Will it hold for long?


    The only tea lights that I am familiar with are made of wax and if hung upside down, the wax would melt all over the place.


    Is it possible for Blue-Tack to hang record albums on the wall?


    I would frame and hang it, I think it would damage the jacket.

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