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Master Magnetics - B005HY9KDM Magnet Sheet, Magnetic Paper, 12" Wide, 24" Long, White Vinyl Back

This White Vinyl Gloss Surface, Refrigerator Magnetic Decorations, Brighton, This Awesome Magnetic Roll, This Large And Flexible Magnet Sheet

H&F Rating 300 reviews
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What We Like

  • Round magnetic bases helps to hold signs and equipment in place
  • Comes with magnetic tool organizers, trays, and inventory labels to tidy up warehouse or shop
  • Equipped with low magnets that prevent hardware disease in cattle


  • The vinyl may be wrinkled

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  • What buyers say about Master Magnetics - B005HY9KDM Magnet Sheet, Magnetic Paper, 12" Wide, 24" Long, White Vinyl Back

    I saw that the package was gone from the van dash, and I immediately put it down. He must have had the heater on for a while because package was warm to hot.

    It was easy to apply and it was good strength considering we drove for two hours for the High School Senior Soccer parade.

    I was able to cut out the edges from the magnet with a pair of scissors and no issues were arisen with the unrolling or cutting the magnet.

    I used this for my application, because I wanted to convert the sticker on the back of my car to a magnet.

    Magnets on cars stay on their heads even in the rain and at high speeds, so if you want to apply advertising on your vehicle, they're a great idea.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to cut this in my silouette machine?


    If the cutting blade is designed for iron it will be hard to cut the magnetic material.


    Do magnets stick to this?


    If the pull strength of the first magnet is strong enough, other magnets will hold to the flexible magnetic sheeting.


    Is it possible to stick a smaller magnet to the white side?


    Strong, neodymium magnets will hold to the vinyl side of the magnetic sheeting, but something less strong -- like a standard ceramic fridge magnet -- may not be strong enough to hold.


    Will this be able to stick to a steel cabient?


    It will but be aware that it comes in a roll and may crack when you unroll it.


    Can this be used on my tool tray to hold onto screws from rolling off on the white side, where I can see them easily?


    Magnetic sheeting is not intended to hold other magnets or small metal parts on either the magnetic side or through the vinyl topcoat.

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