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Hestya 230 Pieces Octagon Sealing Wax Beads Sticks

White Tea Light Candle 'S Diameter, The Length Is About 11.7 Cm/ 4.6 Inches, Made Of Stainless Steel, Octagon Shape Wax Seal Beads, 230 X Sealing Wax Beads, Wax Stamp Sealing

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What We Like

  • Comes with a complete wax sealing set that makes it convenient to use
  • Equipped with bronze color beads that gives a shiny and glossy finish
  • Features octagon shape that is perfect for greeting cards and envelopes


  • may come with missing items

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  • Common Questions


    Is this a true Burgundy color?


    It's a beautiful pearlesque burgundy, definitely true to color, and it's available in both white and black.


    What is the temperature of the wax?


    It starts to melt at 99 F, its boiling point is 698F, and I usually just use a torch lighter on it for about 1 minute.


    Is it possible to use wax beads on plastic?


    The plastic will melt.


    How well do they adhere to the envelope?


    Wax beads work just as well in regular card stock envelopes as they do in glossy ones.


    Is it possible to purchase the sealed wax beads without the candles and spoon?


    If you search wax seal beads, there are a few options that will pop up for buying just the wax from brands like Northern Brewer and RoseNICE.

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