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Blissful Nights e6 Wall Glide Adjustable Bed Frame

H&F Rating 534 reviews
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  • What buyers say about Blissful Nights e6 Wall Glide Adjustable Bed Frame

    I use 3 buttons for various activities, including reading, meditation, and sleeping if my reflux is acting up. The buttons are easy to use, and feel like higher quality materials, since they have a satisfying click to them.

    I use the buttons for reading, meditation, and relaxation, and for a slight incline when sleeping if my reflux is acting up.

    I bought these for the option of having the legs adjusted to a certain height, and I have to say that I make me laugh because I can adjust the bed height with the legs, even though I can't take them off in 3 sections.

    I'd love to have a double or triple length massage instead of the standard 10 or 15 minute one, that's what I'd do if I could.

    We slept well last night, but she wanted the head-end to be a bit higher and I wanted it to be a bit lower. We compromised, and it was still great - but doubtless itll be even better when the new mattresses arrive and we can each have whatever we like.

    Common Questions


    What is the lowest height possible from the floor to the top of the foundation?


    That wasn't his question since it was on their website, which says the model is 4 feet tall, give or take.


    How much does it raise the head and feet?


    You wouldn't want the feet to go any higher, the head raises so high it's like a hospital bed.


    Do any of your customers find that it helps with snoring?


    The only issue is the "Snore" button only inclines the head for 10 minutes, and then it returns to flat.


    Does the massage have an auto shut off?


    It will shut off about 10 minutes.


    How do anti-snore work?


    The anti-snore raises the head by 10 degrees.

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