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boeray Multi-Purpose Belt Strap Wrench

Durable Non-Wound, High Quality Smooth Round Alloy Rivet, Max Diameter 6.3-Inch / 160Mm;, 10.4-Inch / 265Mm Handle Length And 21.2-Inch / 540Mm Strap Length

H&F Rating 45 reviews
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What We Like

  • Built-in anti-slip handle provides convenient and easy grip
  • Comes with surface painting that prevents it from corroding easily
  • Ideal to use for oil filters, glue joints, shower heads, fuel filters and jar opener


  • The strap may come off after several use

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  • Common Questions


    How large is the rhe strap for the yellow and green?


    It's Sir,Green:25mm. Yellow:24.5mm.


    Will this wrench work well on small diameter items?


    It is better on large diameter objects, like 4 inches and above, where the strap is riveted right where it would touch a small diameter object.


    What is the diameter of it?


    The total length of the strap is 23 inches. It works on most filters and fittings.


    What is the smallest diameter this can go down to?


    The wrench is not close by to check, but it goes very small.


    Is it good to hold a camshaft to loosen the bolt?


    I had to wrestle with the strap to get it positioned in a way that it was tight enough and so the grommet holding the belt to the handle didn't damage the steel rod.

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