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Bucket Boss - Wrench Roll, Tool Bags - Original Series (70003)

Tool Bags Original Series, 11 Assorted Pockets, Bucket Boss Wrench Roll

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What We Like

  • Comes with an adjustable head that fits in to 1 in. wrench sets
  • Equipped with a storage bag that helps to keep it organized
  • Features longer jaws that provides greater access in tight spaces


  • The pockets may be sewn tight

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  • Common Questions


    I have a craftsman 16 pc screw driver set and am wondering if the different pocket sizes would support the variety of sizes.


    The pockets are wide enough to hold the handles of my screwdrivers.


    Is the pockets of this roll of sufficient size to hold an 11 piece set of combination wrenches?


    I double stack the 4 large ones, and a few of the smaller ones, but it works for me.


    I'm not sure if they are wide enough for the handle, and I'm not sure if they fit a screwdriver.


    The larger pockets will probably accept the most common sizes of screwdriver handle, although it might be a little tight, but if it's one of the flared "power grip" types, probably not.


    Which country has it originated in?


    There is a white tag on mine that says "Made in China".


    Will these wrench bags hold snap on wrenches, they tend to be longer?


    There are 22 escalating pockets on front, 14 escalating pockets on back, and 8 interior pockets.

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