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Oil Filter Wrench Set

Rubber Strap Wrenches, High Quality Stainless Steel Material, Oil Filter, Oil Filter Wrench Set 2Pcs, Oil Filter Jar Opener

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What We Like

  • Ideal for arthritic hands, weak wrists, plumbers, mechanics, craftsman and more
  • Comes with various attachments that makes it versatile
  • The smaller wrench is great for removing nuts, bolts and caps


  • The straps have a slippery texture

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  • Common Questions


    I'm not sure where to look for instructions on how to use this, as I'm not even sure how to remove a jar lid.


    If you are opening a jar, place the rubber loop over the lid with the serrated edge side of the wrench facing the direction you want to turn.


    Is it possible to turn a 1/3 inch pvc pipe with this wrench?


    The smaller one will be better for the 3/4 inch because I bought these to tighten the 4 inch seal tight connectors.


    Can you give me the width of the strap and head of the smaller wrench, as I have limited clearance?


    The strap is a little over 3/8" and the handle is a little over 6 feet long.


    Where can I get a replacement strap?


    If you bought this exact product from our company, please contact us through the Amazon messaging system to see if we can resolve it for you.


    I am concerned about the rust in my area, so I want to know if there is metal inside the tool.


    There is no metal in this tool, it is plastic and rubber.

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