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Saroo Brierley, A Long Way Home: A Memoir

A Long Way Home: A Memoir ; Saroo Brierley

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  • What buyers say about Saroo Brierley, A Long Way Home: A Memoir

    This is a wonderful true story of amazing synchronicities which one might think of as a miracle, but which actually is the generosity of spirit shown by the couple who adopted such an unknown waif.

    He was found wandering the streets of Australia and was placed in an orphanage, but was willingly placed for adoption by a couple in Australia.

    You wouldn't read about the story of the small, literate boy who was accidentally abandoned on a train in India and ended up being adopted in Australia.

    A Long Way Home is a memoir written by Brian Brierley, who is blind in one eye and has no sight in the other.

    When he was a child, he began to search for his hometown using images on the internet. Twenty-five years later, he found his home and finally his family., A Long Way Home is a story of courage, hope, and a reminder that we should never give up our dreams

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