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Dr. Maxwell Cortisol Manager - Adrenal Support - Thyroid Support

Sleep, The Best Natural Ingredients, The Highest Quality , Non Gmo , Adaptogen Stress Relief Super Cortisol Support, Pure , Vegan Ingredients, Weight Loss Women And Men, Adrenal Fatigue

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What We Like

  • Comes with no artificial fillers that makes it safe for consumption
  • Formula helps to lower cortisol levels and balance thyroid hormones
  • Contains no fillers that makes it safe for consumption


  • may cause vomiting

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  • What buyers say about Dr. Maxwell Cortisol Manager - Adrenal Support - Thyroid Support

    Most of the cortisol manager supplements don't mention the active compound withanolides, and I was very happy to find Dr. Maxwell's product, which has clinically proven ingredients.

    It works better to provide me with more energy, sleep, and attention when I take Dr. Maxwell's cortisol support supplement with Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and L-theanine.

    I am very pleased with this brand for putting together these synergistic 3 ingredient formulations where each ingredient is at an effective dose, and for the fact that most pre-made stacks and blends are highly discouraged in the Nootropics and Supplement community.

    I can tell that my thyroid levels have leveled out again, and I have been helped by this supplement, which I have been using for the past two years.

    I have been taking these for the past month and I have to say, they have made a huge difference in my stress level and my ability to stay calm.

    Common Questions


    Is this the same thing as adrenevive?


    There are different products with the same benefits that can be found in Adrene Vive and Dr Maxwell cortisol manager.


    How long do you think it will take to tell a difference?


    It depends on how burned out your adrenals are, and age, diet and genetic predispositions are also factors.


    Where are the ingredients manufactured?


    The Rhodiola Rosea is grown in the USA, the Ashwagandha is from the highest quality natural sources in India, and the L-theanine is from the USA.


    Is the ashwagandha using the same type of software as KSM-66?


    Both the ashwagandha used in Dr. Maxwell and KSM-66 are full spectrum extracts with 5% withanolides, but ours is not.


    How is it different from other adrenal support supplements?


    In contrast, other adrenal support and adrenal fatigue supplements contain many ingredients but with lower than clinically proven amounts, relying on excessive amounts of B vitamins for their benefit.

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