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KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract

Ksm 66 Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract, Clinically Proven Ashwagandha, Stress Support, Executive Function, Memory , Thyroid Support

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What We Like

  • Ashwagandha help support metabolism and ensure thyroid stays at an optimal level
  • KSM-66 is the most effective form of ashwagandha for athletes
  • Made of ingredients that promote resistance to stress


  • may cause rash at times

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We analyzed 48,920 reviews for 105 products in the Adrenal Extract Nutritional Supplements category.

We then analyzed 494 reviews for this product. None were recent.

Around 82% of reviews were positive and about 14% were negative.

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9.23 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Customer support
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  • Effectiveness
  • Ingredients quality
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  • What buyers say about KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract

    " With the pill, my body doesn't start to freak out because my mind does, but I can acknowledge the lack of value and importance in some of the things that are driving me nuts, at least the immediate things that are driving me nuts.

    I recommend you to do your own research and choose your own doctor if you have one, since I've been trying to find foods, habits, etc., to reduce my cortisol, since my dad told me to do that, since my dad was a big fan of it.

    I was skeptical at first, but I found that it got a lot of perfect reviews and stellar reviews from other people.

    I have a sensitive digestive system and have had to take this without food, so it gives me upset stomach. The pill sizes are better here, and I switched to this higher quality one after taking a different type of ashwagandha.

    I was able to begin with project A complete it in its entirety then move onto project b complete it so on and so forth thanks to the help and relief provided by KSM-66.

    Common Questions


    Is there a difference between the ashwagandha and organic ashwagandha root powder capsule?


    Both products are organic Ashwagandha derived from root powder and will work the same.


    Does this have milk in it?


    No, our KSM is vegan and doesn't use milk.


    Why would the 1950mg version work better for me than the pure root version?


    The 1950 organic Ashwagandha powder is a higher do of Ashwagandha per suggested serving, which may explain why it works.


    Is the herb 1000mg or 100mg?


    The product's extract is 1000mg per serving and 500mg per capsule.


    Is it okay for someone to have too much active thyriod?


    You should consult with your doctor before taking ashwagandha.

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