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Master Your Motivation: A Practical Guide to Unstick Yourself

Master Your Motivation, Unstick Yourself, Sustain Long-Term Motivation

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  • What buyers say about Master Your Motivation: A Practical Guide to Unstick Yourself

    I am very happy that I read the entire book and took notes for future reference. I am more determined than I have ever been to achieve my goals, and will definitely start reading again soon.

    I can say that this book has helped me greatly, and I will definitely start reading every day to better my knowledge, because I am way more motivated than a week ago.

    The writing style is very encouraging and uplifting. He compared us to the law of motion and said that when we are motivated to take action, we will continue to get things done and sometimes we seem unstoppable, but when we stop, it will take some effort to get us.

    I decided to read a motivational book after finding this one and taking notes for future reference.

    It has allowed me to stop, reflect and take stock of the things I have been doing wrong or could improve on, and I am very excited and inspired as I pursue my goals!

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