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Stop Overthinking: 23 Techniques to Relieve Stress

Stop Negative Spirals, And Emotional Focus On The Present (Mental And Emotional Focus, Relieve Stress, Declutter Your Mind

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  • What buyers say about Stop Overthinking: 23 Techniques to Relieve Stress

    He breaks it down into easy to understand parts and begins an approach to apply it to his life.

    I had a lot of stress management in place but it was a daily fight so I turned to a Psycholgist for help.

    The book was very good and worth the money, if you're an over thinker.

    I found this book to be very informative and I especially liked the section on stress management where I found the 4 A's of stress management to be very useful.

    This book gave me a lot of information about how to deal with stress and was very organized and easy to understand.

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