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The Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Quick, & Magnetic

& Magnetic (2Nd Edition) (How To Be More Likable And Charismasmatic, Quick, This Fun And Interactive Book Will Help You Learn How To Be More Likable And Charismasmatic. The Art Of Witty Banter: Be Clever

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  • What buyers say about The Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Quick, & Magnetic

    Patrick King has put together a well prepared and easy to read book on improving your conversation skills, wit the aim of helping you be more magnetic, or entertaining to others, and for his first chapter on Flow Like a River to the Use Fallback Stories and Captivating Stories, Patrick provides a

    I know how scary it can be to talk to people and approach strangers so I was very attracted to this book. Its packed with clever tips and simple guidelines, you can also muster the confidence to reach out to people you want to.

    I was moved across the country in the middle of a Pandemic and this book gave me advice on how to carry a conversation and write well.

    This book shows you how to improve your bantering skills, and it's a good idea to develop a basic comfort and confidence between you and the person or persons you are chatting with.

    This is a great book to read, and it's also very easy to do. I naturally do what the author suggests in regards to entering conversations in a playful manner, without being afraid to initiate humor and without focusing exclusively on exchanging information.

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