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Churchill - Walking With Destiny ROBERTS ANDREW

Factors: Walking With Destiny /Anglais ;By, Roberts Andrew, ;

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    I suggest time, not apathy, since he seems very open to debate issues about the book in a friendly and agreeable manner, and an extended essay or a short pamphlet will add the necessary ideas for reviewing this neglected marginal issue that interests him.

    The author puts him in his times, where he had a great influence on from the high Victorian age to the 1960s, and his complex personality and beliefs are placed in context.

    The person is brushed with mockery and condemnation as an "imperialist" and "racist" because he held an accepted belief in Social Darwinism.

    The biographer thinks that if the government had handed over the title to Lord Fox, it would have been quickly capitulated and a separate treaty with Hitler would have been overwhelmingly accepted.

    This is a very good book for anyone who loves biographies, especially if you are a fan of Richard Holbrooke or John Lewis Gaddis.

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