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Koevoet: Experiencing South Africa's Deadly Bush War

Experiencing South Africas Deadly Bush War

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  • What buyers say about Koevoet: Experiencing South Africa's Deadly Bush War

    The author was not a member of the unit but he was embedded with it in a way that few journalists, even South Africans, were able to do.

    The author's time in the bush only lasted a short time, but his writing was so thorough that the reader has a deep understanding of the war as a whole.

    He was wounded on several occasions while on missions with the South Africans, but the operators were honest with him and he was told what he saw.

    I have been a fan of Jim Koevoet since I was a South African and spent time on the border with friends who had flown in COIN operations.

    This is the best book I have ever read about guerrilla warfare, written by a neutral American journalist who became personally involved in daily combat operations and forged deep personal bonds with the men who lived and fought together.

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