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Long Walk To Freedom, Mandela Nelson

Long Walk To Freedom ;By, Nelson, ; Features

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  • What buyers say about Long Walk To Freedom, Mandela Nelson

    Nelson Mandela tells us about his education, his career as a lawyer, and how he fought against the apartheid system in South Africa that took place in 1948, and was abolished in 1994.

    Nelson Mandela has written a book about a Xhosa boy called "Nelson Mandela: A Life in Poems." I am very excited to be able to spend a lot of time with the great Madiba.

    I rarely read autobiographies, preferring biographies written by professional historians and writers, who are more objective and have the benefit of hindsight if historical relevance falls back on.

    While I have already ordered a work on the history of South Africa, this autobiography of Nelson Mandela should be sufficient to give me the information I need to know about his life and the struggles he faced.

    The only thing my father gave me at birth was a name, Rolihlahla, because he had a connection to the Thembu royal house, and it is a testament to what he went on to give to the rest of us.

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