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Cobra (Benny Griessel Mysteries, 4)

4) ; Deon Meyer, Cobra (Benny Griessel Mysteries

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  • What buyers say about Cobra (Benny Griessel Mysteries, 4)

    There was a reasonable pace after a slow-ish start, with a steady increase in urgency and a big build up of tension towards the inevitable climax, which I thought was a good thing. I am not sure if audio is a bad thing, but I think the only downside is that I

    It's a fast-paced, contemporary SA crime fiction with a non-cliched struggling alcoholic cop at its hub, and I think I'll still be interested in reading it again soon.

    The banks and politicians were hesitant to use this technology because of the potential embarrassment that comes from the exposure of some malfeasance on their behalf.

    The Plot was well written and the explanation of the different political actions of various countries was very good.

    This is a great idea to show the real colors of South Africa. Mbali was the best and I think Mr. Meyer should write a book about her.

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