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Amazon Brand - Solimo Sunburn Relief Gel with Aloe Vera, 8 Fluid Ounce

Sunburn Relief Gel, Amazon Brand Solimo Sunburn Relief Gel, Solimo Sunburn Relief Gel, Pain Relieving Gel

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What We Like

  • Helps temporary relief of pain and itching associated with sunburns
  • Contains a gel formula that allows better absorption
  • Infused with Aloe vera that soothes and moisturizes the skin


  • The bottle top may cause leakage at times

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  • What buyers say about Amazon Brand - Solimo Sunburn Relief Gel with Aloe Vera, 8 Fluid Ounce

    It's not suitable for severe burns due to some of the ingredients and also that it shouldn't be used over anything open like peeling or blisters.

    It can be used when you forget to pack sunscreen, or when waves from the water cause you to get sunburn, or when you accidentally touch a hot stove with your hands.

    The bottle has a safety cap, which can be used to squeeze or shake into the hand, to estimate the shelf-life, it can be 12 months in the future, but dates will vary.

    It contains lidocaine which helps soothe the burn, and you can add in Aloe Vera to make it even more soothing.

    I like the texture of the Solimo sunburn relief gel and it helps soothe my skin after sun exposure.

    Common Questions


    What is it that it tastes like?


    This is not for drinking but for sunburns.


    Can I add real citronella oil to my product to help soothe my sunburn and keep mosquitoes away, as well as soothe bites from the buggers that already bit me?


    I don't think the oil has any analgesic action, so don't bother.


    Is it possible to use this on hemmoroids and would it work if transferred to a pump bottle?


    I have used it on external hemorrhoids, but I think it would work on the internal ones.


    Is there a 2 day delivery gone? I could have used this product last.


    Waited too long.


    Is this product good for hair that has been burned from chemicals?


    It's for skin, not hair.

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