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Jansite Tire Pressure Monitoring System Wireless Solar TPMS

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What We Like

  • The tire pressure monitor can be placed on the windshield or center console that offers a safer way to view
  • Built-in rechargeable imported lithium battery offers strong battery life
  • Features LCD wide-angle digital screen with bright backlight and clear data


  • may lose connection with sensors

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  • Common Questions


    I don't know if the caps are replaceable or if I can order replacements.


    You have to use the included tool to remove the cap, so keep the tool in a safe place.


    Is it possible to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and pounds and bars?


    The pressure unit is PSI / BAR and the temperature unit C / F can be switched.


    I'm wondering why this product doubled in price in less than a month.


    The primary reason for the rise in prices was the start of a previous US President's tariffs.


    My previous question hasn't been answered, so I'm wondering if there's a way to turn on and off the vibe.


    When there is a charge, my display will turn on and when there is no charge, it will turn off on its own.


    How long does it take for the garage to turn on?


    It said it activated so as soon as your vehicle starts up or moves, it turns on and shuts off after a period of no vibration.

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