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Truck Systems Technology TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitor

High And Low Alert Parameters, Truck Systems Technology, Reports Pressure, Tire Pressure Monitor W 4 Cap Sensors

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What We Like

  • Reports pressure and temperature on color monitor
  • Monitor can report up to 4 trailers/towables
  • Monitor auto-scrolls through each tire reporting PSI and temp


  • may not be able to adjust the brightness

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  • Common Questions


    Can the system expand to 12 tires, 8 on the motorhome and 4 on towed?


    Yes. The factory says it can make up to 112 wheels for commercial rigs using different trailers.


    Will the factory sensors work if I add the tst507 sensor?


    I added TPMS to my Jeep Wrangler so I could monitor from the coach, and the factory installed it works just fine.


    Is it possible to keep it plugged in while I'm driving?


    If the tires get cold, it will start to beeping even if you just turn it off.


    What is in the last photo?


    It extends the signal from the sensors on my towed vehicle to the battery compartment, where I attached it to a tray for the batteries.


    Will this unit be able to read 315 mhz sensors?


    The TST 507 system will not interfere with your factory TPMS.

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