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Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System-Large Colorful Screen

Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System, 105, The Recommended Reading, Large Colorful Screen, 4 Advanced External Tmps Sensor, ( 87 ) 90, 100

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What We Like

  • Large-size HD screen provides a large-size LCD display that helps in better monitor the condition of the tires
  • Equipped with four-alarm modes that helps to alert the driver to the abnormal tire condition
  • Comes with an auto-off function that allows to shut off the system at any time


  • may not work on camper longer than 30 ft

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  • Common Questions


    My front tire pressure is 60psi and the rear tire pressure is 80psi.How can I set the alarm value?


    The front tire alert value can be set to 65 PSI and the rear tire alert value can be set to 85 PSI.


    How many times a week does the sensor change the battery?


    The sensor can be used for two years, so you don't have to change the battery frequently.


    Do I need to buy one myself or does it come with a repeater?


    If you need assistance with a problem, please call us at: +1-800-487-9477. If you want to buy a repeater, you can click this link: If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us at: +1-800-487-9477.


    I was wondering if this monitor works on large 5th wheel campers.


    This is on our 5th wheel and it works because the tire pressure is high.


    The display reverted back to setup numbers after setting all the high, low pressure, and temperture settings.


    Please confirm that all parameters are set completely, whether to press and hold the SET button to save and exit.

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