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Madhava Naturally Sweet Organic Blue Agave Low-Glycemic Sweetener

Naturally Sweet Organic Blue Agave Low Glycemic Sweetener, Pure Blue Organic Blue Agave Low Glycemic Sweetener, An Organic

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  • What buyers say about Madhava Naturally Sweet Organic Blue Agave Low-Glycemic Sweetener

    I was a bit skeptical about opening it because of some reviews but I am very happy with it. It tasted wonderful and was in the box with pictures, it was not in an Amazon box with bubble wrap.

    I swear by this agave and I tell my family and friends about it. I don't want to run out of it.

    I think this is the same price as going to Walmart and getting two of the same, but the packaging is not good at all.

    I have ordered it multiple times on Amazon and it has the best flavor for coffee. When I first tired it, I switched back to packets for cost savings.

    I use this product instead of sugar because it is low in GI and helps to control diabetes.

    Common Questions


    The nutrition facts information on the label says there are 16g of sugars and there are 32% of sugars added to it. Why does it say "added sugars"?


    The total sugar in 1 TBS is 16 g and included in that 16 g is 32% of your daily value, according to what I understand from the new labeling.


    Why has the cost increased so much?


    The large two pack went from $19 to $35 and it was incomprehensible.


    What is the number of calories per spoon?


    There are 60 calories per serving with 21 gram serving on the label.


    Is Agave now honey?


    It works well in coffee or any other sweetener and is similar in color and consistency to honey but has a milder flavor.


    Is it done in the US or Mexico?


    I used the light and it was bottled and shipped from Colorado to Mexico.

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