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LEFOO New H/D Pressure switch for air compressor 95-125 w/Unloader

Lefoo Pressure Switch 95-125 Single Port With Unloader & On/Off Lever, Factory Set 95-125 Psi

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What We Like

  • Built-in unloader valve helps release pressure in the pumps discharge line after shutting down
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual that makes it easy to install
  • Features on/off lever that offers easy and convenient operation

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  • What buyers say about LEFOO New H/D Pressure switch for air compressor 95-125 w/Unloader

    I was able to get a nipple from this part, even though the original part was not available anymore.

    I took the unit apart to see how well it was made, it was a great buy, and I have repaired many Air Compressors in my day.

    He asked me to look for it on Amazon, and I found it, and installed it, and he was very happy with it.

    The name and fitting were different, but I connected them and it works perfectly, even though it was from the local hardware store.

    The compressor works great and my delivery was ahead of schedule.

    Common Questions


    What is the function of an unloader, and is there a copper fitting on the left side of the unloader?


    An unloaded release the pressure in the discharge line after a shutdown so it can restart without fighting the high pressure.


    Will it work on a black max 80 gallon jug?


    If your compressor has only one line running to it, you will need to purchase one with the four ports or else it will work on your other compressor.


    Is it possible to install this switch without a relief pressure switc?


    You can leave the pressure relief port on the switch disconnected, since you have one off the pump that goes straight to the tank.


    Will it work on a dual stage?


    It is a two pole motor switch and starts a motor using tank pressure.


    Will this work on the craftsman cac-1383-b?


    It can be attached to a 1/4 in. pipe mounting and a 1/4in. copper tubeing unloader tube.

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