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Primefit CR1401G Replacement Air Regulator with steel-Protected Gauge, 1/4" Npt

Criteron Air Leak Detection System, Precision Downstream Air Pressure, High Impact Composite Regulator Knob, Adjustable Air Flow

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What We Like

  • Equipped with an air regulator that precisely regulates and maintains constant air pressure
  • Provides high impact composite regulator knob and steel protected gauge that allow convenient usage
  • Comes with a knob on the bottom that helps to set the direction of the air flow


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8.36 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
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  • Sturdiness
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Value for money
  • Size
  • Common Questions


    Is it possible to use this at the air tool?


    This product is used to regulate the air for your tools.The sequence usually goes: 1) tank gauge, 2) tool regulator, 3) hose, 4) tool (like a nail gun or paint sprayer).


    Is it possible to remove the knob to make way for installation?


    I think you can't.


    Will it work for an airbrush?


    It depends on how precise you need your pressure setting. The gauge is graduated in 5 psi increments. At best, I'd guess that any setting will be +/- 3 psi.


    Is this the replacement for my broken three gallon 100psi central pneumatic air compressor?


    It will work, just make sure to follow the arrow air flow.


    Will this work for regulating the air for an RV water system?


    I use mine for spray painting, but you will need to add a couple fittings.

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