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Secbolt Pressure Switch Manifold Regulator Gauges Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve

Adjustable Air Out, Sisbelt Pressure Switch, Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve, Auto Control, The Secbolt Store, Air Pressure, Mathed Gauge

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What We Like

  • Supports an auto control system that allows to cut off at 120PSI and turn on at 90PSI
  • Equipped with air pressure from one of the brass couplers that helps to adjust air out
  • Comes with a thread locker that makes it easy to assemble and use


  • Directions may not be marked on the regulator

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  • Common Questions


    I was wondering if there were two 1/4" ports for tool pressure. I was thinking one was for tank presure and the other for tool pressure.


    Both ports have a regulated pressure of 1/4 and the other has full tank pressure.


    Do you know if these national pipe threads are important? You cannot mix bsp and npt.


    Yes, it's all part of the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty.


    Can it be set to cut out at 125 PSI?


    If the safety relief valve is a 120 PSI valve, you'd have to replace it to set the cutoff switch higher than 120 PSI.


    Where can I get a reducer for my tank?


    After many stores, I went to Home Depot and bought the hot water heater parts, I found the 1/2 union which had straight threads, and then went to the pipe fitting, and found the reducer and nipple to fit in the tank.


    Does this show the pressure of the tank?


    So far it works perfectly and yes it shows the tank pressure, I bought this pressure switch this year.

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