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California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free and Powerful Air Compressor, 2 HP

Powerful 2.0 Hp, California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil Free And Powerful Air Compressor, Only 70 Decibels, Low Amps Draw 7.0 Amps, Low Amp Draw - 7.0 Amps, 40 Cfm, Oil Free Pump

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We analyzed 206,385 reviews for 198 products in the Air Compressors & Inflators category.

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7.99 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • Customer support
  • Design
  • Maneuverability
  • Noise level
  • Overall performance
  • Power and energy efficiency
  • Size
  • Suction power
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free and Powerful Air Compressor, 2 HP

    I had to remove the factory air connectors on the compressor as they are not the standard size, but I was up and running my auto air tools in no time, and I was concerned about the location of the grab handle.

    The air compressor is great, it's quiet, and I used it to take out 1000 sq ft of tile in less than a day, without completely destroying my body.

    This thing is so huge, I can't believe how cheap you are trying to tell me your junk is, and I'm crazy for spending $300 on a compressor.

    I ran this thing in my office and was able to talk to another person with it running, it's just that it's not a joke, they show a video of another compressor running and it's not a joke.

    I purchased a second California Air tool ultra quiet compressor because I wanted one in my garage and another in my shop, but I didn't have a problem with the first one.

    Common Questions


    Is there a power benefit to going 240v?


    Yes it will cut the amps in half but, it will draw the same amount of amps just less on each leg.


    Which place is this product made at?


    It says "Made in China" on the box, which was a big disappointment to me.


    How do I get warrants for my air compressor that has stopped working?


    I was told to take the heads off after calling George in customer service, and I explained to him that there was so much metal and debris that I needed to get rid of.


    I can't see a drain valve. How does it drain?


    The drain is on the bottom, and it made it a lot easier to get to.


    Is there any issue with the steel tank versus aluminum on some of their other models?


    I have never owned an aluminum tank air compressor, so I don't know. I would say that one should drain the air tank periodically to let the humidity build up, and leave the pet cock open until using again.

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