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GSPSCN Portable Air Compressor Pump Tire Inflator with Digital Gauge

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  • What buyers say about GSPSCN Portable Air Compressor Pump Tire Inflator with Digital Gauge

    The Compressor kit is great, it is the same as the older model, but with some minor improvements to heavy-duty uses and filling ATV tires, something the older model had minor issues with.

    The pump has an LED light on the front that can be turned on or off at night, and I think it's a nice bonus.

    It also has a display that tells me the current pressure and lets me set the pressure that is needed with it turning off automatically once it reaches the preset PSI.

    I am very impressed with the power of this pump, it is rated at 70L/min, which is about as fast as a cheap cigarette lighter pump.

    A one-time investment means you can air up your tires, anyone else's tires, without having to find quarters to feed in a gas station pump.

    Common Questions


    I want to know how long the 12v plug is before it connects to the wire.


    It measured 9'6" from the plug end to the compressor.


    Is the extension hose capable of using 150psi?


    The manual says 150.


    How long does it take for it to run before it gets hot?


    I ran mine when it was mid 90's and stopped after about 7 minutes because it was too hot to touch.


    Is it possible to blow out plumbing lines in a trailer?


    You can use one of your tires and the other connectors supplied to blow out your lines, and then air your tire back up, but there is not a "Air Tank" that is kept full.


    Is there an accessory that will plug into the wall?


    There are two power sources, one is a car cigar lighter, the other is an alligator clip to mate a pigtail to two alligator clips for the car's battery.

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