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Helteko Air Compressor Tire inflator DC 12V

High Quality Materials, The Desired Pressure, Our Portable Air Compressor Pump, A Large , Portable Car Tire Pump, Our Electric Tire Pump, The Led Lights, High Precision And Bright Display, 2 Years Extended Warranty

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What We Like

  • Has a large, high-precision and bright LED lights that makes it easy to read
  • Features a simple and useful thermal protection that shuts off on reaching the desired temperature
  • Can inflate a standard mid-size car tire in just 3-5 minutes


  • Do not work with valve extenders

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About Helteko Air Compressor Tire inflator DC 12V

Your car has recommended tire pressure that ensures the most outstanding gas mileage. Life expectancy and other rules on the use of a car are explicitly indicated on the vehicle's door. Properly inflated tires wear out slower and extend the lifespan of suspension components, saving you time and headache. Our Portable Air Compressor inflates car tires easily and promptly. Every time you stop for gas, every 10-degree change in temperature, or every 30 days.

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We analyzed 206,385 reviews for 198 products in the Air Compressors & Inflators category.

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9.49 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Customer support
  • Design
  • Maneuverability
  • Noise level
  • Overall performance
  • Power and energy efficiency
  • Size
  • Suction power
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Helteko Air Compressor Tire inflator DC 12V

    I used the air pump on all of my car tires to top up the pressure, it worked perfectly and I was very happy with it.

    The pump is easy to use and small enough to fit under a seat or in the trunk of a car.

    I'm tired of looking for gas stations that don't have a working air pump and I wanted to be able to check my tire pressure at home.

    It has a short airhose of about 24 inches, but it took about 5 minutes to top off 10 lbs to a big old 265/70 17, so I am very happy with this thing.

    The product and customer service have been great and I am changing my negative review to a positive one.

    Common Questions


    Does the car engine need to be running in order for it to work?


    Unless the car is running, it may drain your 12v battery. Electric cars and hybrid cars are exceptions as their batteries will likely be large enough to power this pump for an extended time.


    Can this unit handle inflating to 75psi occasionally?


    Yes, This compressor inflates 75 PSI, but be careful not to let it run for more than 10 minutes of continuous work.


    Does this air compressor go off by itself when it reaches the set pressure, even if I have to inflate a basketball ball?


    When you inflate a ball, the air compressor will switch off, but it's important to set a pressure higher than that of the moment otherwise it won't start.


    I need to know if it's good up to 150psi and if it's good enough to fill my truck tires to 37psi.


    The pump will be able to fill the pressure up to 37 PSI without any problem, so it is suitable for your medium-sized truck.


    Is it possible to connect this air compressor to an electrical outlet at home?


    Yes. If you want to use the air compressor at home, you need to purchase an AC to DC power adapter, which is the same as the AC to AC power adapter you'll find in the garage.

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