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Metabo HPT EC914SM THE TANK High Capacity Pancake Air Compressor

Multiple Large Air Flow Configurations, A More Powerful Compressor, Metabo Hpt Ec914Sm The Tank High Capacity Pancake Air Compressor, More Pressure, A Basic Pancake Compressor, 3 Way Splitter

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  • What buyers say about Metabo HPT EC914SM THE TANK High Capacity Pancake Air Compressor

    This is the best pancake style compressor I have ever owned- it is especially suited to applications like running nailers in the home shop, or for light contracting work.

    The biggest problem with small pancake compressors is that they can't keep up unless you use a small brad gun and the compressor can't go higher than 200psi.

    I am impressed with the package, it sprays a fine mist, and I use mine a tank at a time so the auto-fill doesn't engage.

    I tried to use this as a HVLP sprayer compressor, but it didn't work out, so I pulled the plug. I read and watched many reviews for nailers and staplers, and even the Metabo marketing is focused on that aspect.

    It's great if you don't want to worry about oil and just need something that can plug in and go, and my other small Metabo uses oil and is a little heavier so it's perfect for pulling out and getting started on a roofing job.

    Common Questions


    Has anyone used this on a 2000W generator?


    Air compressors have a lot of peak power demands to be aware of, and I wouldn't recommend it.


    Where will you put it up?


    There are two industrial fittings for your hoses on the front of the compressor, when you plug the cord into a 120V outlet.


    After the compressor fills up, why does it lose air?


    If I have a tire fill fitting on my hose, it will leak.


    Is it possible that this would work for quickly airing up RV tires, 125psi?


    It can air up an Rv tire, but it depends on the size of the tire.


    Does this compressor build to 200psi continuously or is it rated to 200psi and only builds to 175 or 180 as in other brand compressors?


    It will try to hold to 200psi and will do so for most applications, however this depends on the equipment you are running.

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