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Yome Dual Cylinder Tire Inflator, Portable Air Compressor with Digital Gauge

Easy To Read Digital Display, Ni+Cd+Ni Triple Layer Coated, Portable Air Compressor, High Quality Stainless Steel Construction, The 12V Tire Inflation Device, The Deflation Timer

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  • What buyers say about Yome Dual Cylinder Tire Inflator, Portable Air Compressor with Digital Gauge

    The instructions are easy to use, and you can set it to the desired pressure, so you don't have to worry about over filling your tires.

    It comes with all of the gadgets, it has a built in light, and it has a long cord to reach around your vehicle.

    I love how fast this works and I am able to use it with my 2 kids since I am usually alone with them.

    It refused to run even after being plugged in overnight, and worked well to inflated the 4 tires that had dropped to 28/29 after the first sub 50F morning.

    The controls are not intuitive and were not easy to understand, but it was a good unit for the price.

    Common Questions


    Do I need to use the jack to elevate the car before using the tool to re-inflate the tire in a flat tire?


    It's true for any compressor, but there are some cases where nothing helps.


    Does the cord wrap around it for storage?


    I put the cord in the storage bag while wrapping it around the bottom.


    Does it float large lake floats?


    I know it comes with a toy adapter, I've never used it for toys, and it works well for that, I only use it for tires.


    Is it possible to shut off when it gets hot? It didn't fully inflate my tire on my first use.


    I have used the inflator for inflating floating rafts and it does not turn off when it's hot, but I shut it off for 5 min after 15 min to make sure it doesn't over heat.


    Does the outlet in my car plug into lighter sockets?


    It can be plugged into a lighter sockets or clips the battery to draw power.

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