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Inficon Refrigerant Leak Detector, Model:705-202-G1

Detection Of All Cfcs, Hfcs, Inficon Refrigerant Leak Detector, Model:705-196-G1 ; Factors: Sensitivity Of 0.25 Oz./Year (7 G/Year), Hcfcs, And Hfos

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  • Common Questions


    Is this a good tool for the automotive technician for r134a or is there a different tool?


    It's perfect for 134a Any hFC or hcfc. I have had many leak detectors over the years and found this to be the best, so far.


    Does it have a built in pump?


    I used it to find the leak, it has a pump.


    Is it possible that it can detect r507 gas?


    I have not used 507 but understand it is a hfc blend and should work well.


    Will it be able to detect mo99?


    It will work for mo99 as well, it was just confirmed by Tek Mate.


    Is it really an infra red?


    We'd like to respond to your question, but we have a customer support line at 1-800-.

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