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InterDynamics Certified AC Pro Car Air Conditioner R134A Refrigerant Stop Leak Kit

3 Oz, Rubber And Metal Leaks In O Rings And Hoses, Cert325-6 ; Interdynamics

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  • Common Questions


    I don't know how to determine how much to use.


    When using Super Seal, the entire contents need to be added to the system.


    Can this product fix the leak in my evaporator core?


    If the system is leaking out quicker than 14 days, this won't help, as Super Seal will benefit the leak within the evaporator, as long as the system is holding a charge for at least 14 days.


    Is it possible that it would seal a leak in the compressor shaft?


    It depends on how much of the inner seal is still there and if it takes a long time to leak out.


    It isn't 100% clear if it includes sealant and refrigerant.


    After adding Super Seal you will need to charge with additional refrigerant.


    Does it fit a Honda Element?


    I will work well with any AC System that uses the R-134A Refrigerant. Will perform well when the system is on Vacuum state. This will allow some better mobility room throughout lines, condensers, evaporators, seals, etc.

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