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Belleone R134a Charging Hose to Fridge

R12 R22 Refrigerant Port, Home Use Refrigerator A/C System, Gauge Recharging Hose Kit Connect Can, Rechargeable Water Tank

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  • Common Questions


    What is the missing piece between this and the retrofit valve?


    You should be able to connect the hose to your piercing valve and the other end to your can of refrigerant.


    Does the guage read for 134 or just 22 and 12?


    There are different color numbers for each of the three gauge marks. R134,R12,R22 are marked on the gauge.


    How do you remove the air that is already in the hose when using this product, so that you don't inject air into your system?


    You can remove air from the hose by opening the valve of the fitting connected to the refrigerant source and attaching it to the service port.


    Is it possible to use this on a window air conditioner?


    This item will be adding R134A refrigerant to a vehicle that is already working well.


    Does it connect to the bullit piercing valve?


    Before you connect, make sure your valve is closed and the hose is not connected to it.

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