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UView 550000 Airlift Cooling System Leak Checker and Airlock Purge Tool Kit

Eliminate Airlocks And Refill The Shop, The Technician Can Perform A Leak Test, Utilizeing Problematic Air, Airlift Eliminates Airlocks In Today'S Automobile Cooling Systems

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What We Like

  • Helps to eliminate problematic airlocks in today's automobile cooling systems
  • Checks for vacuum leaks and allows the technician to refill the system quickly and easily
  • Leak detection tools help eliminate time consuming bleeding and purging


  • Air pressure gauge may not be sturdy enough

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  • Common Questions


    The instructions list the shop air requirement as 90psi, but how much CFM is required at that pressure?


    A search online of "UView 550000 PSI CFM" came up with a half-dozen results, including a response from UView Tech Support on a bulletin board, indicating 90 psi @ 4.2 cfm, the same as the Snappy model.


    BMW e90 does not have a regular radiator cap, will the provided adapters work on it?


    I used it for a motorcycle with a question as yours, and it worked great, it's not a terrible pressure as you might think.


    Why can't you put straight distilled water in the system if you can use this system to put coolant mix in?


    You can use this tool to vacuum the system and then compress the air so that it doesn't fall out of the drain plug.


    Does this work on the BMW 750li?


    I have no experience with BMW's but I have used it for my VW Jetta and I see no reason it wouldn't work.


    Is it possible to pull all of the old coolant out of the system?


    The tool can be used to remove the air from the cooling system if the liquid is below the level of the radiator cap, but it can't be used to remove the air if the liquid is in the engine block.

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