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UView 560000 Combustion Leak Tester

Works On Gasoline And Diesel Engines, Uview 560000 Combustion Leak Tester, 16 Ounce Test Fluid Good For 16 Applications

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  • Common Questions


    Is it possible that not all older cars have gasket leak and compression loss?


    There should be no head gasket leak if C02 is present in the coolling system.


    Does it work on a car without a radiator cap?


    It should work on the overflow reservoir as well, as I tested mine on both of them.


    How many times can I do the test with one kit?


    If you pump it and draw plain air through it 10 or so times, it will change back to blue, but otherwise it's fine.


    Is this thing a giant enema?


    Not testing for those kind of exhaust gasses, and just putting a question mark at the end of a sentence?


    Where do you dispose of the fluid when it's used?


    If you don't mix it with anti-freeze fluid, return it to the bottle.

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