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Kozyvacu AUTO AC Repair Complete Tool Kit

Cfm Vacuum Pump, 1 Stage 3.5 Cfm Vacuum Pump, Oil Fill Port, Oil Viewing Windows, High Volume Cooling Fan

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What We Like

  • Features lightweight cast aluminum construction for maximum durability
  • Equipped with oil viewing windows allows to monitor oil quality and levels
  • Built-in direct drive motor that allows for easy starting


  • The coolant can tap valve may not function adequately at times

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  • Common Questions


    Is there a vent at the manifold to purge air out of the refrigerant line?


    Yes. The Shraeder Valve can be depressed to purge out air in any of the 3 lines that may be connected to the manifold by using a narrow tipped screw driver.


    What is the rate of HP on the pump?


    The pump is 1/3 of an HP.


    I don't know if this item says in stock but my order says it's back ordered.


    I'm not sure why it is back order, but it is in stock now.


    Is it possible to put it in a storage tank and recover refrigerants?


    You need a reclaiming machine to do that, but you would use the gauge as well to monitor the refrigerant level, when it's being removed from the system.


    What kind of material is used to make the knobs on the gauge manifolds?


    I only bought the pump and got my gauge separately.

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