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Lichamp HVAC Gauges with Hoses, AC Manifold Gauge Set

Professional Automotive Air Conditioning Diagnostic Manifold Gauge Set, R134A Refrigerant Gauge Set, Ac Manifold Gauge Set

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  • Common Questions


    What type of seals are in the hoses?


    If you tighten the seal too much you will bend the support or wall inside of the hose connection that supports the seal, so that they just barely kiss. The only thing you have to do is gently snug them up so that they just barely kiss.


    Is it for the home r22 ac unit?


    It will work if you use the pressure gauge, which is currently used by most home systems.


    Where can I get instructions on how to use these gauges?


    If you misplace the product, you can get the electronic version of the manual in the following section of the product page: Product information> Technical Specification. Alternatively, you can visit directly in the browser to ask your question.


    Does it have a vacuum reading on the guages?


    There is a compound gage on the inlet that will indicate negative pressure.


    Can you tell me the inside diameter of the hoses? I need to know if it's for custom use or if it's just for cutting one fitting off.


    The inside diameter of the hoses is 0.2in./mm.

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