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testo 550 I Digital Manifold Kit for air Conditioning, Refrigeration Systems and Heat Pumps

3 Hose Connections, The Testo S Sturdy Housing, Digital Manifold Kit, A Compact And Lightweight Design, The Testo 550, 2 Way Valve Block

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What We Like

  • Sturdy housing and 2-way valve block makes it ideal for harsh environments
  • Wireless manifold allows to determine high and low pressure as well as evaporation and temperature
  • Digital manifold displays temperature difference, temperature-compensated leakage tests and more


  • The pipe clamps may loosen at times

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  • Common Questions


    Is it necessary to switch lines for heat pumps in the winter?


    They can be in automatic mode or heat pump mode.


    I don't know if I need to take wey and dry bulb temps with this.


    If the unit requires super heat it's necessary to take the temperature in order to add the correct amount of refrigerant.


    Does this come with a full instruction manual and can the set pull a vacumme with out damage?


    Yes. There is a warranty and full instructions, and I use my set to pull a vacuum on every job.


    Does it come with a warranty?


    You can get warranty information from the seller directly or from the manufacturer's website.


    What is the difference between this unit and the testo 550 digital refrigeration manifolds kit?


    The kit 0563 2550 comes with 3 60" Refrigerant Hoses.

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