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Yellow Jacket 49963 Manifold Only Degrees F

Manifold Only Degrees F, R-22/404A/410A Refrigerant, Contoured Easy Grip Handles For Positive Control

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  • Common Questions


    The ports are 1/4" and 3/8" apart from the vacuum port.


    If your vacuum doesn't have the 3/8 port on top, you should cap the 1/4 port with a cap bro, come on this isn't rocket science bro, get you a set and step up.


    This gauge check also looks at 134a.


    Yes but you need to use a r134a pressure/temp chart, I just used mine today for a cellar pro,split system,for wine storage, using 134.


    Is it possible to change the gauge to Celsius, since the temperature is in Fahrenheit?


    You would have to take the display gauge that comes with it and change them to Celsius gauge heads.


    Do they have hoses?


    I purchased my own manifold, but it was excellent.


    Does it come with a ball valve 5 ft hoses?


    This would only be for the manifold, and does not come with a kit with ball valve hoses.

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