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Aprilaire - 201 A2 201 Replacement Filter for Whole House Air Purifier

Stage 3 Pre Filter, Whole House Air Purifier, This Allergy Seasoned Pre Filter, 3 Stage Filtration : Pre Filter, Stage 2 Pre Filter, 1X New York State Certified Seasoned Pre Filter, Replacement Air Filter

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  • What buyers say about Aprilaire - 201 A2 201 Replacement Filter for Whole House Air Purifier

    You can buy it from Aprilaire themselves, sometimes cheaper, but it takes longer to get it to you. install: This filter is placed inside a filter box that usescombs that snap into the box to help keep the filter spread apart and in place.

    When I purchased this new Aprilaire filter, I was surprised to find that it had the same MERV rating as the one I had previously bought, but the reduced flow caused an error code 33 on my furnace, which I hadn't seen before.

    The Aprilaire 301 is only 5" thick, and has a cardboard frame that doesn't seal well around the sides of the filter housing, which is why I decided to use the original Aprilaire 201.

    It's a challenge to install in my set up but it works well and the dust is not a problem inside the house.

    The time it took to install the Popup was 30 seconds, but it was 5 minutes more because of the plastic housing.

    Common Questions


    Will this item fit in my carrier filter housing without modifications?


    My frame was installed in the 201 housing, so I wouldn't say yes.


    Is the pleated filter going inside the housing or the plastic housing?


    It takes a while to remove the old one, so make sure you clean the housing before you reassemble the new one.


    Please help me make sure this works for my filter unit, I'm 10 years old, please don't tell me that it's "Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner Model 2200" only because I'm 10 years old.


    I had a similar question and I called the Aprilaire 1 800 # that I got from their web page, and they were terrific and confirmed that it would fit my 20y/o unit.


    What is the rating on this product?


    I ordered for my handyman who installed the a/c unit, sorry I can't give you more.


    I want to make sure that 4 of them are shipped for $112.48, so that's what I'm going to do.


    This is a 4 pack for $112.48.

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