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FilterBuy 20x20x1 Air Filter MERV 8

High Efficiency Replacement Air Filter, 1X 20X1 Replacement Air Filter, Pristine Finish, Replacement Air Filter, Metal Housings, Extra S N Filter, Your Air Conditioning, A Permanent 2 Year Replacement Air Filter

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  • What buyers say about FilterBuy 20x20x1 Air Filter MERV 8

    I needed to upgrade my furnace filters and I ordered the right ones from Filter Buy and they were delivered quickly and with Merv 8 ratings.

    The price of furnace filters seems to have increased, but they are good quality and hold up well.

    It seems like they want you to use the cheap filters so your unit will need more maintenance so they will have to service it more and more often.

    They help prevent as much dust or other pathogens from entering my home by keeping the air flow in my home clean and the filters last 90 days, even though they say they can't be changed for 30 days.

    These filters are the best air quality filters I have ever used and they are very easy to clean.

    Common Questions


    Is there a filter 6x 24x1 available?


    I have the 20 by 20x1 pleated, it's very well made, haven't used one yet, but it's still good.


    Is it possible that these filters have the tiny pinholes in the pleats like filtrete filters?


    I use them for my central air conditioning because they filter 85% of 3-10 micron particles.


    I measured the grill at home and it's a 21.5" square (22" outer border) so is the 20x20x1 filter the right fit for it?


    The Eco-Aire size 20X21.5X1 might give you the proper fit on two of the four sides of the opening, Judicial use of duct tape might cover the 1.5 inch gap on two of the four sides of the opening.


    Does this filter have any fiber glass in it?


    The filters have an inch of spun fiberglass that traps dirt and protects the furnace.


    I installed the filter, but I'm confused as to whether the arrow should point down or up.


    It's not always the correct answer if you don't know your type of furnace. An upflow furnace collects the return air at the bottom and delivers it UP to the distribution ducts above.

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