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Filtrete 16x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter

50 Dusting Wipes, Filtrete Air Filter, Air Cleaner, Micro Allergen Plus Dust, Filtrete Dust Collector, Ac Furnace Air Filter, Filtrete 16X25X1 Air Cleaner

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  • What buyers say about Filtrete 16x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter

    If you replace them every two months you should be fine. I am sure there are cheaper filters to be bought, but if this one means I never have to dust the house, then it is.

    I was wondering why all the filters were placed in a single box, since they are lightweight and only 2” thick per pack.

    Thank you for following instructions, they put it in the correct spot.

    I ordered from a local store as no local store had them when I ordered, but at least the price was right, since I originally ordered them on Amazon.

    It is very inexpensive and it is well made.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible that this will put too much pressure on the heating and air conditioning unit?


    It depends on the capacity of your unit, and I have a 2.5 ton newer unit that works without causing any issues with flow resistance as long as it is changed regularly.


    Is it possible to cut down the filtrete hepa filters to fit odd size openings without diminishing effectiveness?


    If you want to keep the integrity of the filter, you should buy a slightly smaller one and use some sort of filler to close the gap.


    Is it possible to wash it or vaccum it?


    Since the "frame" is constructed basically of cardboard, and the filter material has a rough texture similar to fiberglass batts, there is no provision for cleaning and re-using these filters.


    Which devices are suitable for this filter?


    These filters can be used in heating and cooling systems.


    Is it for 2 packs of two?


    It has been some time since I ordered this, but I think it's for a single 2 pack.

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