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Secura Air Fryer 3.4Qt / 3.2L 1500-Watt Electric Hot XL

high speed air circulation, 60 minute cooking timer, large 3 2 liter basket, 1500W large 3 2 liter capacity

H&F Rating 985 reviews
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What We Like

  • High-speed air circulation helps to prepare a variety of dishes in a healthy and flavorful way
  • Built-in variable temperature control fries food crispier than the oven
  • Comes with BBQ rack and skewers for versatility


  • Not easy to clean

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About Secura Air Fryer 3.4Qt / 3.2L 1500-Watt Electric Hot XL

The secure 3. 2-liter electric hot air fryer cuts out the oil to give you crispy food without the added fat. The variable temperature control ranges from 180-400 degrees (F). The 60-minute timer automatically shuts off the machine once cooking is complete.

Results of our analysis:

We analyzed 389,425 reviews for 522 products in the Air Fryers category.

We then analyzed 985 reviews for this product. None were recent.

Around 82% of reviews were positive and about 15% were negative.

Final Score:

9.39 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Controls and functionality
  • Customer support
  • Design
  • Easy to use
  • Maneuverability
  • Noise level
  • Overall performance
  • Temperature control
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Secura Air Fryer 3.4Qt / 3.2L 1500-Watt Electric Hot XL

    I have only had it for a week and have cooked 3 meals in it, all of which were very good, and all of them were much better than cooking in the oven.

    I think the item is pretty good but not perfect, so I'm changing it to a four-star rating.

    It is easy to check, unlike a pressure cooker, which requires you to pull out the basket from time to time. I will give a few more frozen items a try, I think it is great for frozen green beans.

    I was able to destroy several spirals, but they were not so great and I wondered if the Air Fryer was more of a one trick pony.

    My wife and I have been using this air fryer for a few months now and we have found it to be very convenient and easy to clean.

    Common Questions


    How many people can you cook for in a 3.4 QT unit?


    It will hold two smallish baked potatos cut into french fries.


    The description mentions an upper grill, but what is it about it?


    I don't know what the upper grill means, my unit no longer works.


    What is the measurement of 3.4qt?


    H: 13 inches, W: 11 inches, D: 13 inches including handle. Inside bowl: 8.5 x 8 x 3 3/4 deep.


    Is it possible to cook more than one food at the same time?


    There is plenty of room for a chicken-haven't cooked multiple foods yet but size should not be a problem.


    We have a family of five, so I'm not sure what size to get. Does food cook slower in the larger size?


    I got the smaller one because it was just me and I could cook one hamburger patty at a time.

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