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Metene Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm BP Cuff Machine

Your Blood Pressure And Heart Rate, Cuff, Large Display Screen, The Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine, Metene Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Bp Cuff Machine, The One Button Operation Measurements

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What We Like

  • Built-in voice function accurately broadcasts the blood pressure and heart rate
  • Comes with one-touch button control that makes it easy to operate
  • Features adjustable arm cuff that offers a custom and comfortable fitting


  • The LCD screen may flicker at times

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9.73 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Accuracy
  • Build quality
  • Connectivity
  • Controls and functionality
  • Customer support
  • Design
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to use
  • Overall performance
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Metene Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm BP Cuff Machine

    This is a very good device to use if you want to check your blood pressure before you go to the doctor or if you just want to know if your reading is normal or high.

    I had never heard of Omron and was hesitant to purchase it, but when I saw the price and features, I had to buy it.

    I bought this one after my husband's doctor recommended that I get a home testing monitor.

    I was surprised that the monitor played relaxing music while I took my blood pressure, it was easy to setup and use, and I was also surprised that it talked to me after I took my blood pressure.

    I was told I might need medication after a recent medical, but I didn't have enough data to make a decision.

    Common Questions


    There is a small cuff


    It can be adjusted to fit between the small or medium arms.


    Why isn't this machine capable of allowing me to add and user?


    You can press and hold the "SET" button for 3 seconds until the user symbol flashes.


    I have a model b15 and my readings are 15-20mmhg lower than when taken with a medical sphyganometer.


    When measuring blood pressure, it will be affected by temperature, mood, pressure, etc., so the result of the measurement sometimes changes.


    How do I reset the time and date?


    I had to try it several times before I got it right.


    Is it made in the United States?


    It's made in China, no.

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