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Monopoly Classic Game

Monopoly Classic game, game guide, Chance and Community Chest cards

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What We Like

  • Suitable game for both kids and adults
  • Helps to learn money management
  • Ideal to play in groups


  • may get boring

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About Monopoly Classic Game

Players buy, sell, dream and scheme their way to riches in the fast-dealing property trading game. Choose your token, place it on GO! And roll the dice to own it all! Build houses and hotels on your owned properties. Chance and Community Chest cards can change everything. The more properties each player owns, the less rent can be charged - players will try and bankrupt everyone else to win. If you fail, you'll be rewarded with a new house or hotel! The game is rooted in classic competition, where you will buy your favorite properties, pay rent to other players, and take a risk with Chance and Community Chest cards.

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  • What buyers say about Monopoly Classic Game

    When I purchased the game for my family, we really expected it to be classic, but I didn't know there was a US and UK version.

    The game is great, there are no problems with the print on the board, and I saw someone commenting on the print.

    When I purchased the game for my son, I didn't know there was a US and UK version. However, we were happy with the US version we got, as we've been to the states for a number of times and the name of the streets became familiar to us.

    The board game is educational and the rules are easy to understand.

    The game is very easy to play and helps reinforce the math skills that the 6 year old has acquired over the past year.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible that this also contains a bankers box?


    Please let us know if we may be able to provide further assistance.


    What's the maximum number of people that can play?


    There are 8 player token included with the new token version, if you play too many more than that, you may end up with too many players.


    How big is it?


    The size depends on the game and the measurement for the board and everything on it are included in the description of the game.


    Is it electronic?


    This is not an electronic game, it is an old school game I played as a kid.


    Is it the same thing as what was advertised?


    We haven't played it yet because the cards are in small print and the game is plastic.

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