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Qwirkle Board Game

Including 3 Tiles Each Of 36 Possible Color Symbol Combinations, Qwirkle Is The Perfect Game To Hone Player'S Tactical Maneuvers, A Massive Amount Of In Game Choices

Created with Raphaël
H&F Rating 705 reviews
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9.87 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about Qwirkle Board Game

    The game is over, and the tiles are exactly the same as shown on the photo. Everything is good about the presentation, the box, where you put them away, and the bag that one, the game is over, and the tiles are exactly the same as shown on the photo.

    It's great for learning colors, shapes and sequence for children and it's very easy to travel with, just keep your pen and paper handy.

    The first game took about an hour and the following games took about forty five minutes. It brings out the competitive streak and is a lot of fun.

    The wooden pieces are sturdy and substantial in the hand, and we have gifted others with this game.

    The game is easy to play, easy to teach, and easy to play against a large group of people. The design is stupid, but I love it.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to play with more people if you used 2 sets of the game?


    I think you need a large table so that the game can spread out, that's what I think you'd need.


    Is this a good game for a child turning 6 to play with his parents and grandmother?


    We bought one because our six year old granddaughter was on her mommy's team and did very well.


    What is the game's structure?


    The game is quick to play and children can participate since the pieces are matched by color and shape, spelling and vocabulary skills.


    I read some reviews that said the tiles were made out of plastic, so I was wondering if it was wood or plastic.


    I've done this a few times and my friends prefer it, it's a good way to give your tiles a more sturdier feel.


    I would like to give it to my mom, but she doesn't see well, how big are the squares?


    I don't have it here to measure, but I think each symbol shows up at approximately 1.5-2 inches, because we have played that with friends and gave it as a gift.

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