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ThinkFun Zingo Word Builder Early Reading Game

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  • What buyers say about ThinkFun Zingo Word Builder Early Reading Game

    I enjoy playing this game because it helps my son with his attention span and my oldest son gets upset when he misses one but he learns to pay closer attention.

    This is a game that you can play with your kids, and it's very easy to learn and easy to play with adults as well.

    The box seems a little small for the game but that doesn't matter as my boy loves it and I waited a long time to purchase our own game.

    I have been playing this game with my daughter for the past two years and she loves it because it is more exciting than bingo and she has the ability to tell everyone what comes out.

    It's a great gift for a child to grow into, because they can match the words from the word chips to the pictures on the board, even if they don't know how to spell.

    Common Questions


    What is it for for children under the age of 18?


    My son loved it for a while, but at 7 he lost interest.


    I want to know the difference between the zingo word builder game and thinkfun's what's gnu game.


    The different seems to be that Zingo Word Builder has three words per card and is played more like a challenge game.


    Since these are images on the tiles, would you say that this game will help little ones learn to read words?


    It is helpful for little children to see the letters and picture and to quickly review each tile after the game has ended.


    How many words are included?


    There are 72 word tiles, 24 words, 3 tiles for each word.


    What is the difference between the "Zingo word builder" and the "Bingo with a zing"?


    There isn't much difference.

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